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What is a Conciliation Conference and How Can It Affect My Illinois Divorce?

 Posted on February 21, 2022 in Divorce

Wheaton Divorce LawyerThe marital relationship can be extremely tricky to navigate. Many married couples go through rough patches but eventually work out their differences. Other couples are plagued by disagreements, infidelity, or other issues until the day they separate. It can be hard to know for sure when a marriage is over and it is time to get divorced. It is especially complicated when one spouse thinks that the marriage is over but the other spouse believes there is still a possibility of reconciliation. In situations like this, the court may require the couple to attend a conciliation conference.

One Final Chance at Reconciliation

Illinois courts have the authority to order spouses to attend a conciliation conference if there is a chance that the marriage may still work out. Either spouse can petition the court for a conciliation conference, or the court can order the conference if there is reason to believe that the couple may be able to avoid divorce. The purpose of the conference is to give the couple one last chance to resolve their differences and stay married.

What Occurs During an Illinois Conciliation Conference?

A conciliation conference is usually conducted by a licensed therapist, counselor, or another mental health provider. The spouses’ divorce lawyers do not attend the conference, and nothing said during the conference is admissible in the divorce proceedings unless both parties agree to it in writing.

During the conference, the spouses will have the opportunity to express their reasons for wanting a divorce or wanting to stay together. The facilitator will facilitate the conversation and make sure that both spouses have a chance to speak their minds. Next, the facilitator will help the spouses explore possible solutions to their differences. Sometimes, these conferences are successful, and the couple decides to get married. Other times, the conference only confirms the fact that the marriage is over, and that divorce is the right choice.

Situations in Which a Conciliation Conference Would Be Inappropriate

There are some circumstances in which the court will not order a couple to attend a conciliation conference. For example, if there has been harassment, stalking, or domestic violence between the spouses, a conciliation conference would be inappropriate and possibly dangerous for the victim.

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