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There are many ways in which a person can be charged with a theft crime, and all of them are quite serious. When you or a loved one is facing theft charges, you deserve a lawyer who is ready to fight on your behalf. At the DuPage County firm of Goostree Law Group, our attorneys understand the importance of protecting your future and ensuring that your rights are not compromised. Regardless of the allegations against you, we know that you should have the opportunity to tell your side of the story. Our lawyers are prepared to provide the responsible, aggressive defense representation you need.

Understanding Theft Crimes in Illinois

While there are numerous forms of theft, one of the most common types is the direct taking of someone else's property. Stealing an unattended purse or cell phone, for example, or taking merchandise without paying from a retail store are both examples of this kind of theft. It is important to remember, however, that theft can also include gaining control of someone else's property through threat, deception, or fraud, as well as receiving property that you know was already stolen. The severity of a theft charge usually depends on the circumstances of the incident and the value of the property that was allegedly stolen.

Shoplifting and Other Types of Retail Theft

In Illinois, the law makes a distinction between stealing property from another person and taking property that belongs to a retail establishment. Depending on the nature of the offense and the merchandise that is stolen, charges related to retail theft can range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 2 felony.

Perhaps the most common form of retail theft is "traditional" shoplifting, where a perpetrator conceals merchandise and leaves the store without paying for the product. Retail theft, however, can be committed in other ways, as well, including:

  • Switching price tags so that an item rings up at a lower price;
  • Using self-checkout lines and manipulating the system to pay less than the full price;
  • Scams involving fraudulent purchases and returns; and
  • Theft by store employees.

Protecting Your Rights in Lisle and Aurora

The criminal defense attorneys at Goostree Law Group have more than 80 years of combined legal experience. We understand that theft charges often represent a person's first brush with the law—especially for teens and young adults. Theft crimes are also sometimes handled as violations of a local ordinance rather than a criminal offense at the state level. This type of uncertainty can make the entire situation confusing for anyone, but our team is prepared to help.

First-time offenders are often eligible for diversion programs and other alternatives to a conviction. We can assist you in determining if such a program is right for your case. Our lawyers will review the details of your arrest and explain your available options. No matter how serious your charges are, we will work hard to find a favorable resolution.

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