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At Goostree Law Group, we understand that parents have an ethical and moral obligation to support their children, especially in the wake of a divorce, breakup, or separation. Under Illinois law, parents also have a legal obligation to do so. The skilled attorneys at our firm have helped parents throughout the region with matters related to child support orders, and we are equipped to help you with yours.

An Updated Approach to Child Support in Illinois

The purpose of a child support order is to ensure that the child's basic needs, including shelter, food, and clothes, are met. Following a divorce, child support also helps to maintain the standard of living that the child enjoyed while his or her parents were married. For many years, Illinois law calculated child support obligations as a percentage of the paying parent's income. The parent with the lower amount of parenting time is almost always the paying parent. Recent changes to the law, however, now require courts to consider the income of both parents when calculating the amount of child support that must be paid.

Under the updated law, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS) has established guidelines for calculating basic support amounts to be split between the parents. The amount is determined by the parents' combined monthly net income, and it is split based on the contributing income of each parent. If the parents' combined monthly income exceeds the amounts listed in the DHFS's published guidelines, it is up to the court to determine a child support amount that is reasonable, just, and in the child's best interest. (Currently, the upper limit of the guideline is a little over $30,000 per month in combined net income.) The court may also deviate from the statutory calculation guidelines if using them would be considered "inequitable, unjust, or inappropriate" in the court's opinion.

Protecting Your Rights in Warrenville

The skilled attorneys at Goostree Law Group can help you determine if your income is high enough to warrant special consideration by the court in a child support proceeding. We understand that you want to give your child what he or she needs, and we will help you do so without compromising your rights. Our lawyers are equipped to analyze your situation, explain your available options, and assist you in making important decisions.

Conversely, if your child's other parent has a high income, we will help you pursue a child support arrangement that fully protects your child's way of life and best interests. Our team understands that high-income situations are handled on a case-by-case basis in Illinois. In making such decisions, the court must consider many factors. With more than 80 years of combined family law experience, our attorneys are equipped to provide the skilled guidance and responsible representation you need.

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If you have questions about child support proceedings where one or both parents earn a high income, contact our office. Call 630-364-4046 for a free consultation today. Our firm serves clients in Wheaton, Downers Grove, Lisle, Aurora, Warrenville, Woodridge, and DuPage County.

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