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Wheaton Divorce Lawyers Help Find Hidden Assets and Income

Wheaton Divorce Lawyers Find Hidden Income Streams

Attorneys Experienced with Forensic Accounting in DuPage County Divorces

In almost any divorce, there will be certain issues that are contentious. For some couples, the allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody) is one such issue. For others, dividing marital property is especially difficult. It is not uncommon, in fact, for one party to hide assets or revenue streams so as to avoid having them be considered during the asset division and support calculations.

At Goostree Law Group, our experienced attorneys are equipped to help you find assets that your spouse has hidden. We will work closely with you to ensure that you receive an equitable share of the marital estate in accordance with state law.

Finding Concealed Assets During a Wheaton Divorce

According to the law in Illinois, marital property must be divided equitably between the spouses in a divorce. The law also defines marital property as any assets and debts acquired by either spouse during the marriage, with very specific—and few—exceptions. Unfortunately, some individuals will go to great lengths to hide assets or conceal sources of income so that those assets or the income will be "safe" from their spouses. Doing so can be fairly easy for those who own a business or have other complicated investments.

Your spouse could be trying to hide cash or other assets in many different ways, including:

  • Secretly transferring assets to a family member or friend
  • Maintaining a secret bank account, either domestically or offshore
  • Placing funds in retirement accounts that you do not know about
  • Making unexplained purchases of valuable items such as fine art, jewelry, or real estate that could be sold for a profit after the divorce
  • Intentionally underreporting income or overstating debts
  • Commingling personal and business assets for the purposes of creating confusion

Downers Grove Counsel for Forensic Accounting

Hidden assets rarely remain hidden forever, especially when someone is looking for them. Money almost always leaves a trail that can be followed by a professional who has been trained to identify and question inconsistencies in financial statements and affidavits. This is exactly the job of a forensic accountant. At Goostree Law Group, we understand the importance of forensic accounting in cases where hidden assets are suspected. We work closely with forensic accountants and other financial professionals to find concealed assets or income. This process includes the review of income statements, tax records, investment statements, and any other relevant documents, as well as an analysis of expenditures.

With more than 80 years of combined family law experience, our attorneys understand the importance of a full and proper accounting of the marital estate in a divorce. Proper accounting matters for not only the asset division process but also for considerations regarding maintenance and child support. We will work hard on your behalf to ensure that your spouse does not gain an undue financial advantage during the course of your divorce.

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If you suspect that your spouse has not been forthcoming about his or her financial situation as you approach an imminent divorce, contact our office. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 630-364-4046 today. We serve clients in Wheaton, Woodridge, Downers Grove, Aurora, Lisle, Warrenville, and throughout DuPage County.

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