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Wheaton Stay-at-Home Parent Divorce Lawyer

Wheaton Stay at Home Parents Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers for Stay-at-Home Mothers and Fathers in DuPage County

Ending a marriage is almost always a challenging experience. For stay-at-home parents, however, the process of divorce can be especially difficult. If you have been out of the labor force for some time so that you could care for your children, a divorce may present a frightening new reality. You may be concerned about how you will provide for yourself and your children once you are no longer married to your spouse.

At Goostree Law Group, our DuPage County divorce attorneys aggressively protect the rights of stay-at-home parents during divorce. Our team offers responsible guidance and skilled representation designed to help stay-at-home parents obtain the security and peace of mind they need.

Stay-at-Home Parents Often Receive Maintenance in Illinois

Spousal maintenance, also called alimony or spousal support, refers to payments made following a divorce from the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse. While maintenance is not automatic in an Illinois divorce, it is often awarded to stay-at-home parents. Whether you will receive maintenance or not will depend on the circumstances of your marriage and divorce, including the length of the marriage, the lifestyle you enjoyed, and your current employability. Spousal support could provide the help you need as you work toward becoming financially self-sufficient in the future. With more than 80 years of family law experience, our lawyers will help you build a case designed to get you the support necessary to move on with your life.

Wheaton Property Division Lawyers

Regardless of whether you have worked during the course of the marriage, you are still entitled to receive an equitable share of the marital property that you and your spouse have accumulated. Your contributions to the family as a stay-at-home parent must be taken into account when dividing the marital estate. Additionally, any assets that either spouse acquires during the marriage are generally considered to be marital property, which means that your spouse is not entitled to more just because he or she was the primary wage-earner. It is important to keep in mind, however, that your share of the marital property could be affected by any maintenance award that you receive.

Parenting Time, Child Support, and Stay-at-Home Parents

If you are a stay-at-home parent, you have probably developed a very close relationship with your children. As a result, stay-at-home parents are often granted a majority of the parenting time with their children following a divorce. This means that the other parent will likely be required to make child support payments as well. These types of arrangements, however, are not guaranteed, and it is in your child's best interest to have an ongoing, active relationship with both parents. Our skilled attorneys will work with you in drafting a parenting plan that meets your child's needs without compromising your parental rights.

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