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Legal matters that involve children are among the most sensitive and challenging cases in all of family law. The personal nature of disputes over parental responsibilities (child custody), parenting time (visitation), or parental relocations can make it difficult for parents to remain focused on the best interests of their child. A parent's judgment can easily be clouded by anger, fear, or resentment toward a former partner. To protect against this, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to help determine the best possible outcome in a given case. At Goostree Law Group, we know how important it is to work with a guardian ad litem so that your parental rights are fully protected.

What Is a Guardian ad Litem?

Under Illinois law, a guardian ad litem must be a licensed attorney who has undergone specific training in child-related matters and child welfare. Eligible guardians ad litem are certified by each county. When a guardian ad litem is appointed, he or she will not serve as a lawyer for either party. Instead, the guardian ad litem will serve as a representative of the child or children and will work as an extension of the court with the authority to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of the case.

The guardian ad litem investigation may involve interviews with each parent, the child, and any other person whose input could be relevant to the case, including teachers, coaches, or grandparents. The guardian ad litem may also review documents, financial records, and transcripts from previous court proceedings to develop a full understanding of the case at hand. Using his or her training and experience, the guardian ad litem will prepare a recommendation regarding the best possible outcome, which is presented to the court as expert witness testimony, subject to cross-examination.

Experienced Guardians ad Litem Serving Northern Illinois

At our firm, we are fully committed to protecting the best interests of children, especially those caught in the middle of bitter family disputes. In fact, three of our attorneys are qualified and certified to serve as guardians ad litem in child-related cases in DuPage County, Kane County, and Kendall County. Serving in such a capacity has given our team unique insight and valuable experience, whether we are acting as a guardian ad litem in your case, or if your case involves another court-appointed GAL. 

Cooperating with a Guardian ad Litem

While you may not agree that a guardian ad litem is necessary for your case, if the court has appointed one, you could be compelled to cooperate with the investigation. The skilled attorneys at Goostree Law Group will make sure that you understand your rights throughout the process. We will also help you cooperate with the guardian ad litem to the fullest extent possible. Your compliance can help you show the court that you are committed to your child's best interests.

If your child's other parent does not cooperate with the guardian ad litem, the progress of your case may be slowed substantially. Our lawyers can help you take the necessary action to keep the proceedings moving forward.

Protecting Your Rights in Wheaton

Illinois courts traditionally give significant weight to recommendations made by a guardian ad litem. Both parties, however, have the right and opportunity to challenge the methodology used during the investigation, as well as the guardian ad litem's conclusions and recommendations. If you believe that a guardian ad litem has made a mistake or misinterpreted the facts of your case, our attorneys can help you present your concerns to the court. We will do everything we can to protect your child's bests interests and to help you secure the best possible outcome.

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If the court has appointed a guardian ad litem to your child-related legal matter, or if you think that one should be appointed, contact our office. Call 630-364-4046 to schedule a free, no-obligation at Goostree Law Group today. Our firm serves clients in Wheaton, Downers Grove, Aurora, Lisle, Woodridge, Warrenville, and throughout DuPage County.

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