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4 Tips for Staying Close With Your Child After Divorce

 Posted on June 29, 2024 in Child Custody

Wheaton, IL divorce lawyerDivorce can be devastating for children. Research shows that kids whose parents get divorced are more likely to develop anxiety, behavioral issues, or learning challenges than others. They can become withdrawn and have problems developing healthy relationships.

It is common for a child’s relationship with his or her parents to also be impacted. Children sometimes blame their parents for the marriage ending. In some cases, children blame themselves.

On top of that, life after divorce takes a lot of adjustment, especially for children:

  • The child no longer comes home to mom and dad at the end of the day; now it is one or the other. 

  • Each parent lives in a different house, in a different environment, and sometimes with different rules. 

  • Parents now split parenting time, or physical custody, according to the parenting plan drafted by your Illinois divorce attorney.

It can therefore be challenging to stay close to your child in the period following the divorce. Here are four tips for keeping a close relationship with your child.

Make Your Home Inviting

Your child is probably already tired from shuttling between your house and your co-parent’s house. Make your home a rewarding destination. An appropriate amount of privacy, favorite snacks, a favorite dinner, and a family movie are things that your child might look forward to. Remember that as a parent, you know your child best.

Avoid Forcing Your Child

Try to avoid forcing your child to express his or her feelings about the divorce right away. Just like adults, kids often need to process things themselves, and some children take longer than others to do this. Also, keep in mind that your child has probably been thinking about the divorce a great deal. It might be a welcome relief to talk and connect about other topics.

Encourage Expression

At the same time, your child needs to know that his or her feelings about the divorce or anything else will be welcomed by you when he or she is ready. You might want to try a little light prodding to gauge whether your child is ready to open up.

Maintain Rules and Routines

One of the hardest things for children after divorce is the disruption to their routines because kids thrive on consistency. As much as possible, maintain the routines and rules you had in the house during your marriage. While it might be tempting to go overboard with goodies and freedom, maintaining familiar rules and discipline can actually be comforting to your child.

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Divorce hits children hard, but so does post-divorce life. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys understand the impact divorce can have on kids. When you work with Goostree Law Group, we will make sure your child’s best interests are the center of our focus. Call 630-364-4046 for a free consultation with a DuPage County, IL divorce lawyer today.

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