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Strategic Social Media Activity for Divorce

 Posted on February 25, 2019 in Divorce

Wheaton divorce lawyerAny public activity is potential evidence in court proceedings, including your social media activity. Anything you choose to share or post can become a legally admitted court document in any court case, including your divorce. Although your short rant about your soon-to-be ex-spouse was temporarily stress-relieving -- not to mention the complete validation you felt when your friends and family members supported you through likes, loves, and comments -- you are less likely to experience the same satisfaction when it comes back to haunt you in the courtroom.

Try These Tips at Home

It is ill-advised to avoid social media entirely. Not only is social media an excellent way to grow and maintain the ever-important support system, but it is also a free source of unlimited information. Be on the lookout for posts regarding you or your ex’s behavior, and enlist a trusted friend or family member to help. Immediately address anything that could be potentially damaging to your case. Simultaneously, anything that could help should be brought to the attention of your attorney immediately. Here are some ways you should use social media to your advantage:

  • Watch what your friends and family say about you;
  • Make yourself look good by boosting your personality and good deeds;
  • Grow your emotional support team;
  • Post with caution; and
  • Gather information in your favor.

Avoid These Damaging Behaviors

First and foremost, whatever you do decide to post, leave it be. If you are caught deleting photos -- even if you later decide you did not like the way you look --  it can be depicted as removing evidence, an offense which can result in hefty fines for both you and your attorney. Not only that, but judges often assume that you are actively hiding negative details about yourself. Their assumption is legal and is known as adverse inference. Therefore, if there are pictures and messages, leave them there, but be extremely cautious about what you post. It is best to avoid these shares:

  • Anything depicting a party or celebratory lifestyle;
  • New purchases;
  • Aggression toward your ex;
  • Complaints of parenthood; and
  • New romances.

Ask a Wheaton Divorce Attorney

Social media is the new way of life. People use it for contacting old friends and even growing businesses. If you have a social media account, active or otherwise, it is a good idea to have your attorney review it. A skilled Wheaton divorce lawyer will strategically scour your social media accounts with a fine-tooth comb. 

The experienced attorneys at Goostree Law Group will locate problem areas as well as potentially advantageous topics. Having this knowledge available and prepared in advance before it rears its head during divorce proceedings gives you the upper hand, enabling you to have some leverage when it comes to negotiations. 

Find out how we can help you today before you press “share” on that next post. Call our office to schedule your free initial consultation at 630-364-4046.





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