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Managing False Accusations in an Illinois Divorce

 Posted on January 29, 2023 in Divorce

Il divorce lawyerWhile divorce is typically not a pleasant experience, certain relationships involve a high amount of interpersonal conflict and when high-conflict couples get divorced, the process can become downright nasty. Of course, true abuse or neglect can and should influence the outcome of a divorce, but false accusations have the potential to do so as well. If you are worried your spouse might escalate to the level of accusing you of having hurt or neglected them or your children, you need the help of an experienced family lawyer right away.

How Should I React to Accusations of Abuse or Neglect?

It may appear patently obvious to you that your ex’s accusations are false, but a judge still needs to consider the accusations and weigh any evidence carefully. Therefore, it is in your best interests to be on your best behavior, no matter how outraged, hurt, or confused you may feel by the accusations being made against you.

Your attorney can counsel you throughout the divorce process to ensure you are acting in a way that does not plant the seeds of doubt as to your innocence. This includes:

  • Cooperating fully with any custody evaluator, guardian ad litem, mediator, or any other person assigned to investigate or help mediate your divorce
  • Working in good faith to reach a compromise with your ex
  • Never speaking poorly of your ex to your child, even if your ex does the same of you
  • Being honest and forthcoming with the judge and everyone else involved in the case.
  • Taking detailed notes and records of any incidents of alleged abuse, including your memories of the alleged incident and the date on which it occurred
  • Keeping your conflict off social media and never leaving angry voicemails or text messages for your ex

Can I Prove the Accusations Are False?

While it is only natural that you will want to exonerate your name and reputation in court after the divorce case is over, very few people ever admit to making false allegations. Proving allegations are false can therefore be very difficult, and your focus should be getting the best outcome out of your divorce rather than on getting even with your spouse - even if he or she is clearly in the wrong. Focusing exclusively on your divorce and following the advice of your attorney gives you the best possible chance of convincing a judge that the accusations are not true and should not influence the outcome of a case.

Contact a DuPage County Divorce Attorney

In addition to feeling personally insulted, false accusations of abuse or neglect can threaten to totally derail typical divorce proceedings. If you are getting divorced and are worried your ex may make false accusations against you, get help from an experienced team of Wheaton, IL divorce attorneys who have worked with high-conflict divorce. Call Goostree Law Group today at 630-364-4046 to schedule a free consultation.





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