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5 Signs You Should Hire a New Illinois Divorce Lawyer

 Posted on June 06, 2024 in Divorce

DuPage County, IL divorce lawyerGetting divorced in Illinois is challenging, especially if you disagree with your spouse on any issues. The process can be even more challenging, however, if you have the wrong attorney representing you. A divorce lawyer can muddle a simple divorce if he or she is:

  • Incompetent

  • Ignorant

  • Unprofessional

  • Dishonest

  • Overworked

On the other hand, a great Illinois divorce attorney can turn a complicated, messy divorce into a straightforward process with minimal complications.

Here are five signs that it might be time to find a new Illinois divorce attorney.


A good lawyer knows how to use the law to your advantage. An incompetent lawyer, on the other hand, may resort to lying in court to achieve a certain result. This is not only morally and professionally wrong, but dangerous. Telling a court an untruth, even if it is a “little white lie,” can seriously backfire on you. An attorney who is willing to lie in court is willing to jeopardize his or her client.

Missed Deadlines

The legal process for divorce revolves a lot around deadlines. Papers have to be filed with the court and served to the other party within certain time frames. If those time frames are not met, you can lose significant leverage. If your divorce lawyer is missing deadlines, you might want to consider looking for a new attorney.

Poor Communication

A good lawyer is busy and has multiple clients to serve. He or she makes sure to maintain great communication, even if the legal process is moving slowly. This means responding promptly to questions, emails, and phone calls, and acknowledging receipt of documents. If your lawyer is being unresponsive, it may be a sign that it is time to seek new legal counsel.

Lack of Familiarity With the Law

Another sign that you may need to replace your attorney is if he or she seems to be unfamiliar with Illinois divorce law or the legal process. This may be evident by your lawyer not knowing how to apply a law or appearing confused in front of a judge.

Indifferent About the Outcome

The last thing you need while going through a divorce is to feel like your attorney is too busy for you. A good divorce lawyer takes pride in his or her work and wants to get the best outcome possible. If it seems like your attorney just wants to get the case over with and does not care about the outcome, however, then it might be time to find a new lawyer.

Contact a DuPage County, IL Divorce Attorney

The right Wheaton, Illinois divorce lawyer can be the difference between a successful divorce and a legal nightmare. That is why you should bring your case to Goostree Law Group, where our experienced and compassionate attorneys will fight to get you the best possible outcome. We will make the divorce process as smooth as possible while making sure your interests are vigorously defended. Call 630-364-4046 for a free consultation today.

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