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3 Leading Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Coach

 Posted on January 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

Wheaton divorce coachIn divorce, sometimes the grief of the loss of a marriage is so overwhelming that clarity and rational thought are difficult to maintain. This period is frequently referred to as an “emotional roller coaster” because emotions run the gamut from sadness to anger and even moments of joy. Brains are unable to act rationally and irrationally simultaneously; therefore, when emotions run high, logic becomes potentially non-existent. Clients coping with a particularly stressful divorce often find relief after consulting with a divorce coach

What is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach is a mental health professional trained to assist you and your spouse find effective ways of communicating to nurture healthy discussions regarding children, finances, and other aspects of divorce. A divorce coach is not a therapist, but rather someone that asks questions that help overcome divorce roadblocks.

Although the term “divorce coach” is relatively new, divorcees around the country are singing the praises of the benefits that come with a divorce coach. These are consistently cited as the top three benefits of incorporating one into your divorce process:

Benefit 1: Keeps You Informed

A divorce coach empowers you to assume a proactive role in your divorce. Not only can they recommend reading material to assist your case, but they can also educate you in divorce options specific to your situation and set a realistic expectation. Clients working with a divorce coach feel more confident throughout the divorce process, and many claim that confidence helped them begin their post-life divorce.

Benefit 2: Better for the Children

If you have children, a divorce coach can offer methods of discussing difficult issues with them. Your coach will also assist you in identifying your priorities, addressing parenting plan concerns, and clarifying other child-related topics. A divorce coach helps create a safe environment to reduce or altogether eliminate some of the traumatic side effects of the divorce process.

Benefit 3: Saves Time and Money

A divorce coach can prepare you before divorce-related meetings, guiding your thoughts, needs, and concerns, so you are better equipped to communicate with your attorney and your ex effectively. Thoughtful and clear discussions shorten the amount of time, and therefore money, you spend both with your attorney, in mediation, or court.

Bonus Benefit: Collaborates with Divorce Mediators

Another benefit that many clients enjoy is that your divorce coach can work together with your divorce mediator. Your coach is trained in family systems and communication but experienced coaches also have an in-depth knowledge of the divorce procedure. At Goostree Law Group, our DuPage County certified divorce coach is American Bar Association recognized and has experience assisting clients through the divorce process for the last six years. Find out how she can help you today by scheduling a free, no obligation consultation with our office at 630-364-4046.




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