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How Can I Protect My Privacy During Divorce?

 Posted on February 22, 2023 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerDespite the sense that everyone today lives primarily on their phones and shares every detail of their lives through social media, many people still prefer to take a quiet, less public approach. Furthermore, certain people - such as local and national political representatives, celebrities, and leaders in major companies - have a vested interest in maintaining privacy as much as possible.

Divorce can pose a challenge to those who prefer to maintain privacy, especially if the divorce is acrimonious or the couple’s relationship has been subject to public scrutiny. However, there are ways to protect the privacy of individuals getting divorced, as well as the privacy of their children. Read on and then contact an Illinois high profile divorce attorney for help.

Strategies for Keeping Divorce Private

One of the best strategies for people going through a divorce and hoping to keep it private is to stay off social media. Even if you think you have your profile on the most restrictive settings, it is easy for someone to see and share information that you thought would stay among family and close friends. Instead, experts suggest that divorcing spouses refrain from sharing anything on social media at all, including seemingly harmless photos of themselves out on vacation, shopping, or at dinner. If the divorce gets hostile enough, just about anything can be used as an evidentiary weapon.

Sometimes the most serious privacy concerns come from within the marriage itself. If you are worried your spouse could leak private information to the press or even to friends who could be careless with the information, you can ask the judge in your case for a protective order prohibiting the discussion or dissemination of information available in the divorce discovery process. This could include private financial information, trade secrets, phone records, photos, and more.

Finally, when it comes to protecting issues that relate to your children, such as your final parenting agreement, you can simply include these things by reference in your (public) Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage. Rather than including the documents with the full details, you can refer to the documents by name - but it is essential to keep copies of the detailed documents on hand so that if you need to modify your parental responsibilities or parenting time, you have the originals available.

Call a DuPage County, IL Divorce Lawyer

At Goostree Law Group, we know that matters of privacy during divorce can be of the utmost importance. If privacy is a concern for you and your family, we will do everything we can to protect the details of your divorce from public knowledge. We can also advise you on how to act throughout the divorce process to minimize any information getting leaked by nosy neighbors or friends. Contact our Wheaton, IL high profile divorce attorneys at 630-364-4046 to schedule a confidential consultation and learn more.





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