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Should I Consider Parallel Parenting After My Illinois Divorce?

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Ending a relationship with a spouse who has a tendency for conflict can feel like you are finally able to relax for the first time in a long time. If you have children, however, your time with your ex-spouse is far from over. Some couples are able to remain calm and civil after the divorce and successfully co-parent their children, while other couples struggle to keep discussions from escalating to full-blown arguments. Studies have shown that the single factor that affects children the most by causing distress is the conflict between parents. If you and your ex do not seem to see eye-to-eye on issues, a parallel parenting plan may be a more suitable solution for your family.

What Is Parallel Parenting?

In cases involving co-parents who exhibit high-conflict qualities, a traditional co-parenting agreement may not be in everyone’s best interest. Parallel parenting is an alternative form of parenting and allows high-conflict spouses to disengage from one another and have little direct contact. Often, this means the contact is only through written means, such as text or email, with no face-to-face or phone conversations. This allows there to be as little conflict as possible while still allowing both parents to be active in their child’s life.

Benefits of Parallel Parenting

Not all families will need parallel parenting, but the families who could use this style of parenting after a divorce will benefit greatly. The entire premise of parallel parenting is to take the focus off of the issues between the parents and place the concern and focus entirely on the well-being of the children. Other benefits of parallel parenting include:

  • A greater sense of peace between homes

  • Enhanced quality of communication

  • Allows the co-parenting relationship to evolve and strengthen

  • Reduced stress for everyone involved, including the children

Contact a DuPage County Divorce Attorney 

For many parents, a parallel parenting plan can seem strange and foreign -- and that is because it is. You are used to making decisions with the help of your partner, but a parallel parenting plan emphasizes independence to reduce conflict. If you think that a parallel parenting plan may be right for your family, speak with a Wheaton parenting time lawyer today. At the Goostree Law Group, we understand how important it is to find a parenting plan that works for your unique situation. To schedule a free consultation, call our office today at 630-364-4046.






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